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Omni La Costa Golf - Champions Course

Restoring the luster of Omni La Costa's famed Dick Wilson-designed golf course played by legends with a $10 million renovation, The Next La Costa welcomes a revamped course featuring lengthened tees, turf reduction, reshaped and contoured holes. Guests will be delighted to experience the "Golfer's Course," all challenge and technique, without the gimmicks. More definition and contrast has been added to the course with native grasses, colorful landscaping, tee boxes, landscaping bridges, fairways and greens, wetlands, rerouted paths, contour and gradation to elevate the golf experience with indigenous natural beauty while enhancing the technical play of the game. Additionally, the new golf course is family-friendly with senior and family tees, while also reducing water resources, making this the "course of the future!"

Map of Omni La Costa Golf - Champions Course