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Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock

Gently swaying palms, cascading waterfalls, and emerald green fairways weave a colorful tapestry that sprawls across the rolling terrain of what once was a desert. Here, the sculpting hands of nature and time have been artfully aided by the timeless design of a modern day master, Arnold Palmer. His courses offer a prism of challenge, beauty, and escape. Each hole inviting competition and camaraderie against panoramic views of cityscapes and towering mountains, creating the most stunning golfing experience in Las Vegas.


2024 Maintenance:
3/27-3/28: 3/8" Aerification; Closed at 12:00pm on 3/27 & all day 3/28
TBD: 3/8" Aerification

*Arroyo does not close for a traditional September overseeding and is not cart path only.*


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Map of Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock