Space Coast Area Activities

  1. Dining / Nightlife
  2. The impressive stretch of Florida's Coastline, its scenic Atlantic beaches, the attractions of Kennedy Space Center, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, these are just a few of Space Coast contribution to the world. How about finding out Space Coast culinary treasure from Mother Nature? Start your exploration now and have a sure enjoyable time in the Space Coast orbit.

    • Gregory's Steak & Seafood Grill
    • Black Tulip
    • Haru Sushi Bar and Grill
    • Yellow Dog Cafe
    • Jake Baker's Lobster Shanty
    • Island Pasta Company
    • Bernard's Surf
    • Dog'n'Bone
    • And All That Jazz Cafe
    • The Beach Shack
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Space Coast, Florida is the ideal place for nature lovers. Miles of beaches, affordable prices of recreational places, and world-class Kennedy Space Center are just few of the reasons why you should visit this place. Get ready to be fabulously launched through high-end stores, versatile shops and galleries you can enjoy while staying in a cosmically glamorous place like Space Coast, Florida.

    • Annie's Toy Chest
    • Downtown Divas
    • La Boutique De Lingerie & Bridal
    • Jay Bee Jewelers
    • R.L. Lewis Art Gallery
    • Mud Flats Pottery
    • Brigantine Gallery
    • The Avenue Viera
    • Harvey's Groves
    • The Bath Cottage
  5. Outdoor Activities
  6. Explore other facets of Florida's Space Coast to complete your Space Coast experience. You can visit a wide array of observatories, planetariums, parks, and other facilities that are excellent for any outdoor activities.

    • Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory
    • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
    • Indian River Cruises
    • Brevard County Parks & Recreation
    • Space View Park
    • Space Coast Stadium
    • Cocoa Expo
    • Shepard Park

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